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Blog posts of '2014' 'March'

Gift Card Messages: Bereavements

All customers have the option of including a message with their gift hamper or bouquet. These messages are printed on the reverse of the address card, which is then attached to the gift hamper or bouquet (when sent locally in Auckland) or to the exterior of the box (when sent nationally). See our images below for an idea of what your gift card will look like. 
Customers frequently ask for advice when it comes to the gift card message, especially if their gift hamper or bouquet is being sent to acknowledge a difficult event such as a bereavement or illness.
We believe it is always a good idea to keep your message short, sweet and simple. Your aim is to let the recipient know they're in your thoughts, and the gift is generally there to try and ease the burden of the situation, or provide a small relief from the difficulty of the event. 

Here's an example:

Dear (recipient),

Sending our deepest sympathy for your loss.
You are in our thoughts during this difficult time.

With love,
(your name)


  • it's often a good idea to include your full name on the card. Under the circumstances of a bereavement, your recipient will likely be receiving a number of letters, messages, phone calls and gift baskets or bouquets. This doesn't make your gesture any less personal or thoughtful, but including a full name might prevent your recipient getting confused during a difficult time. 
  • Phrases such as 'chin-up', 'keep smiling' or 'look on the bright side' may be perceived as a little insensitive on occasions such as beareavements, illness or personal upsets. You might not want to sound too serious or emotional, but simply letting the recipient know you're thinking of them with love during a difficult time is usually the perfect sentiment. 
  • Including a kind comment or personal anecdote about the deceased in your message is a nice touch. For example: We will miss Michael greatly, and will fondly remember lovely summer sailing trips, and Michael's superb fishing skills and delightful company.