Top Trends for DIY Gift Boxes in 2024

Top Trends for DIY Gift Boxes in 2024


make your own care package


There are two approaches to gift-giving. You can either be simple and buy ready-made gifts or add a personal touch to make the gift more personal to the giftee. No matter which way you take, the ever-evolving world of gift-giving can turn even the simplest present into something memorable and cherished.


Now that we're well into 2024, the trend of personalising gift boxes continues to gain momentum, blending creativity, sustainability, and technology in new and exciting ways. Let's dive into the top trends for DIY gift boxes in 2024, ensuring your gifts stand out and leave a lasting impression.


The Rise of Eco-Friendly Materials

With a growing consciousness towards sustainability, eco-friendly materials are at the forefront of DIY gift packaging. Sustainable options range from recycled paper and cardboard to biodegradable fillers, making it easier than ever to gift responsibly. Innovative materials like plantable seed paper also offer a dual gift – the box itself and the flowers or plants it grows.


Multi-Functional Boxes

Why stop at a beautiful exterior? DIY gift boxes that double as DIY kits or can be repurposed into keepsakes add an element of surprise and functionality. Imagine a gift box that transforms into a small storage container or even plant pots. Nothing will be wasted with multi-functional packaging. It's a trend that will never go out of style!


Personalisation Takes Centre Stage

Personalised DIY gift boxes have moved beyond mere names or initials. Nowadays, custom options make gifting much more convenient as they are both thoughtful and personal.

You can gift boxes with curated items that reflect the recipient's hobbies, interests, or personality. You can even make the gift boxes more special by including personal notes, poems, or messages on cards. These add layers of sentimentality and uniqueness.


Seasonal and Festive Themes

Tailoring your DIY gift box to the season or upcoming festivities adds a timely and thoughtful touch. You can easily make your gift resonate with the spirit of the occasion.


Popular Gift Basket Themes for 2024

Gourmet Experiences

Food remains a universal language of love. About Giving's Create Your Own hamper allows you to curate a gift basket with gourmet treats, such as artisan chocolates, exotic spices, or fine wines, creating a delightful and memorable sensory experience.

Wellness and Self-Care

Given the hectic pace of modern life, wellness-themed gift baskets or make-your-own care packages have surged in popularity. Think soothing teas, natural skin care products, and aromatic candles. About Giving offers the Ultimate Care Package, which is perfect for encouraging your loved ones to take a moment for themselves.


Eco-Friendly Living

Eco-friendly living baskets are on the rise, aligning with the global shift towards sustainability. Gifting plants is an exceptional choice for those looking to make a positive impact both environmentally and socially.


Unique living tree gifts are sustainable options that contribute to better air quality inside homes. This eco-friendly present offers significant physical and mental health benefits, enhancing the mood and promoting the recipient's mental health by reducing stress levels. Additionally, choosing plants over traditional gifts or cut flowers reduces waste and supports sustainability, offering a long-lasting reminder of thoughtfulness and care.


 living tree gifts as sustainable gift trend in 2024


A Step-by-Step Guide Packaging and Presenting DIY Gift Boxes

  • Choose Your Theme: Your gift box theme will guide your selection of items and decorations.
  • Select Your Box: Based on your theme, choose a box that fits the items you plan to include.
  • Curate Items: Choose from a selection of delectable treats, finest wines, or living tree gifts that reflect your chosen theme.
  • Arrange Your Items: Place the larger items first, then fill the gaps with smaller items. Ensure the arrangement looks balanced and appealing. At About Giving, you don't have to worry about this because we'll present your gift boxes in the most appealing way possible.
  • Personalise: Include a handwritten note or card to convey your message and add a personal touch.


Make Gifting More Personal with About Giving

Creating DIY gift boxes is more than just putting items together; it's about crafting an experience that celebrates the recipient's uniqueness.


Whether through sustainable practices or personalisation, the trends in 2024 are all about creating deeper connections through thoughtful gifting. Start experimenting with these ideas and make your next celebration gift box in NZ or anywhere in the world truly special.


Remember, the beauty of a DIY gift is not just in the physical item but in the time, creativity, and love you put into it. So go ahead, create your own hamper with About Giving, and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.

Show Your Appreciation for Mum! Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Show Your Appreciation for Mum! Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Excited grown-up daughter giving a Mother’s Day gift to her mature mum

With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the incredible women who raised us and continue to support us. This special day offers the chance to express our love and gratitude for all that mums do. But finding the perfect gift can feel overwhelming. After all, you're here 'cause you don't have a gift in mind, do you? We’ve put together a thoughtful Mother's Day gift guide to help you choose a personalised gift showing Mum how much you care; find inspiration below!

Selecting a Gift That Reflects Appreciation

The best Mother's Day gifts go beyond the generic. Personalisation is key. Consider what makes your mum special. Does she have a favourite hobby? Is there something she's been wanting to try? A thoughtful gift shows you've been paying attention and that you appreciate her unique personality. Here are some things to consider:

  • Understand what mum loves. What makes her eyes light up? Is she a fan of the arts, or does she prefer the great outdoors? Pinning down her hobbies and interests is step one in your quest for the perfect gift.
  • Who are you gifting to? Is it your mum? A mum friend? Or are you looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for an expectant mother? Consider what kind of mum you'e gifting to so you can put extra thought into your gift.
  • Think about her lifestyle. If your mum is always on the go, a spa day or a gift certificate for a massage might be perfect. If she prefers to stay home, a cosy blanket and a subscription to her favourite streaming service could be ideal.
  • Make it personal. A handwritten card expressing your love and appreciation is always a cherished gift. You could even create a photo album or a framed piece of art that captures a special memory.

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mum

There's a perfect Mother's Day gift for every mum, no matter her interests. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

For the Foodie

For the mum who delights in culinary adventures, a gourmet basket filled with exotic treats or a cooking class experience could be the way to her heart. It's a gift that is both delicious and memorable.

For the Artsy

Does your mum have a flair for the creative? Spark her imagination with high-quality art supplies or a membership to the local museum. These gifts not only show thoughtfulness but also encourage her to pursue her artistic endeavours.

For the Tech-Savvy

For the mum who's always up-to-date with the latest tech, why not surprise her with a new gadget? Or better yet, gift her an online course subscription to master her tech skills.

For the Nature Lover

If fresh air and green spaces are Mum's sanctuaries, consider gifting her a beautiful plant or planning an outdoor adventure trip. These unique gifts offer the chance to connect with nature and rejuvenate.

For the Fashion-Forward

Designer accessories or a personal stylist session could be the ultimate treat for the stylish mum. It's a way to pamper her and celebrate her sense of style.

For the Expectant Mum

Even soon-to-be-mums should be celebrated on Mother's Day! A sure way to start is through pampering - a prenatal massage, a subscription box for expecting mothers, or a comfortable pregnancy pillow. A new baby hamper is also a nice way to share your joy and support for their growing family.

friend giving pregnant woman gift

Personalised Gifts

Nothing says "I appreciate you" quite like personalised gifts. Whether custom jewellery with a meaningful inscription or a photo album filled with cherished memories, these gifts carry a personal touch that Mum will love. Another option is to create a custom NZ gift box. About Giving allows you to create your own hamper, choosing from a lovely range of goodies that Mum will love!

Experience Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts aren't things but experiences. A relaxing spa day or a weekend getaway can provide Mum much-needed relaxation and joy. It's about creating memories that last a lifetime.

The Gift of Time

Ultimately, the most precious gift you can offer is your time. Spending the day together or taking over chores to give her a break speaks volumes. It's a simple yet powerful way to show your appreciation.


The Perfect Gift

For a truly unique gift, consider creating a personalised experience. Plan a picnic in the park paired with a delectable gift box you two can share. Help her with a project she's been putting off or offer to take care of the housework for a day. The key is to ensure your gift comes from the heart and show your mum how much you love and appreciate her. For a thoughtful and personalised present that she’ll remember, customise an About Giving gift box for Mum today!  

Best Mother's Day Gifts For 2024 | About Giving NZ

Revealing Top Mother's Day 2024 Gift Ideas: Pamper, Nature, Flowers, Chocolates & More!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show appreciation for the incredible women in our lives than with a thoughtful and unique gift? This year, break away from the conventional and surprise your mum with something truly special from About Giving. Whether she enjoys pampering herself, has a green thumb, has a sweet tooth, or enjoys a relaxing ladies' night, About Giving has you covered. Let's explore some of our top picks for Mother's Day gift ideas for 2024 that will make your mum feel cherished and loved.


Pamper Hamper: A Spa Day at Home

Link: Pamper Hamper

Give your mum the gift of relaxation with the Pamper Hamper. This gorgeous gift box includes her favourite bottle of wine, a scented candle, and indulgent skincare products that will transform her home into a spa retreat. Encourage her to take some time for self-care and unwind in the comfort of her own space. The Pamper Hamper is a perfect way to express your gratitude for all the love and care she has given throughout the years.


Mother Nature Tree Gift: Planting Memories

Link: Mother Nature Tree Gift

For the eco-conscious mum with a green thumb, the Mother Nature Tree Gift is incredibly meaningful. The baby tree can be a symbol of the growth and strength of your relationship. As well as this lifetime gift, she also can enjoy sipping on a glass of bubble and indulge in some delicious NZ-made chocolates and treats. A gift that really ticks all of the boxes!


The Classic: Timeless Elegance for Mum

Link: The Classic

Sometimes, a classic gift speaks volumes. The Classic gift from is a really just that: a pretty arrangement of flowers, wine and chocolates, elegantly presented to convey your heartfelt sentiments. This sophisticated gift is perfect for mums who appreciate the simple beauty of a classic gesture. Choose from a variety of wines to suit your mum's taste and make her feel like the queen she is.


Chocoholic Gift Hamper: Indulge Mum's Sweet Tooth

Link: Chocoholic Gift Hamper

Indulge Mum's sweet tooth with the Chocoholic Gift Hamper. This delectable assortment of premium chocolates and treats is a surefire way to satisfy her cravings. From rich truffles to artisanal chocolate bars, this gift hamper celebrates the joy your mum brings into your life. Show her how much you appreciate her with this mouthwatering collection of heavenly delights.


Ladies Night Gift Hamper: A Girls' Night In

Link: Ladies Night

Celebrate Mum's special day with everything she needs to have a cosy night in. This indulgent gift box is equipped with everything she needs for an enjoyable evening at home with her favourite bottle of wine to sip on, chocolates for dessert and caramel popcorn for the movie. Encourage some downtime with this carefully curated collection, giving her the perfect excuse to unwind.


Tree & Wine Gift: A Toast to Mum's Love

Link: Tree & Wine Gift

This unique pairing symbolises growth, vitality, and the celebration of life. The living tree becomes a lasting memento of your love and appreciation, while the wine provides an opportunity to raise a toast to the wonderful woman your mum is. It's a gift that blends nature's beauty with the joy of shared moments. Every time she looks at the tree, she'll be reminded of the love and appreciation you have for her.


This Mother's Day, go above and beyond with unique and thoughtful gifts from AboutGiving. Whether your mum loves a spa day, embraces nature, has a sweet tooth, or simply craves a relaxing ladies' night, there's a perfect gift waiting to express your love and appreciation. Explore the curated collection at AboutGiving and give your mum a Mother's Day she'll cherish forever.

How To Choose The Perfect Tree Gift

Your Guide To Selecting The Best Tree For Your Gift

Choosing the perfect tree for your gift involves considering both the recipient's preferences and the symbolic significance of the tree. Each tree carries its own meaning, so make sure that your gesture resonates with the occasion and reflects the heartfelt sentiments you wish to convey. While sticking to the traditional meanings of each tree is a nice touch, it's also thoughtful to consider the personal connection and sentimental value a particular tree might have for the person you're giving it to.



A Camellia is a flowering evergreen tree that is known for its beautiful and often fragrant flowers. The flowers of the Camellia plant can vary in colour, including shades of white, pink, and red. The leaves are glossy and dark green. Camellias have cultural significance in various regions and are often associated with love and admiration. For an anniversary, the elegant Camellia makes a splendid choice, symbolising love and devotion.



The Pōhutukawa is our native coastal evergreen tree. Its scientific name is Metrosideros excelsa. Often referred to as the "New Zealand Christmas tree," the Pōhutukawa is known for its vibrant crimson flowers that bloom during summer. The tree has distinctive, gnarled branches and thick, leathery leaves. Pōhutukawa's hold cultural significance in Māori mythology and is cherished for its resilience to thrive in harsh coastal conditions. In times of sympathy, Pōhutukawa offers solace with its crimson blooms, representing strength and enduring memories.



The Kōwhai tree, scientifically known as Sophora, is a native tree that is famous for its bright yellow, tubular flowers. These flowers typically bloom in late winter or early spring, adding a burst of colour to the landscape in colder seasons. The Kōwhai is deciduous, meaning it sheds its leaves in winter. The tree's name is derived from the Māori word for yellow, which describes the colour of its distinctive flowers. Celebrations call for the joyful Kōwhai, adorned with golden flowers, symbolising positivity and shared happiness.



The Feijoa tree, also known as Acca sellowiana or pineapple guava, is a small evergreen tree. It is widely cultivated for its unique and flavourful fruits. Feijoa fruits are oval-shaped and green, with a rough, waxy skin. The flesh is aromatic and has a sweet and tangy flavour, often likened to a combination of pineapple, guava, and mint. Welcoming a newborn with a Feijoa tree is fitting, to symbolise the sweetness of new beginnings and growth.



The Mānuka tree, also known as Leptospermum scoparium, is a native tree to New Zealand and parts of Australia. It holds cultural, medicinal, and economic significance, especially in New Zealand. Mānuka is an evergreen shrub or small tree with aromatic leaves and white or pink flowers. The Mānuka tree is renowned for its honey-producing capabilities. Bees that gather nectar from the flowers produce honey that has gained international recognition for its potential health benefits. The essential oil extracted from Mānuka leaves is also utilised in aromatherapy and skincare products. Renowned for its healing properties, Mānuka is a thoughtful gift to convey wishes of health and wellness on any occasion.



The olive tree, scientifically known as Olea europaea, is an evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region, as well as parts of Asia and Africa. Olive trees have been cultivated for thousands of years for their valuable fruit, olives, and their oil. In many traditions, it represents peace, wisdom, and fertility. Olive branches have been used as symbols of peace in various cultures, dating back to ancient times. For moments of reflection and growth, the Olive tree serves as a meaningful gesture, representing peace and prosperity.


Lemon & Citrus Trees

Citrus trees are not only valued for their fruit but also for their fragrant blossoms and evergreen foliage. These trees are cultivated for their juicy and flavorful fruits, which are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. Citrus trees, with its refreshing scent and vibrant fruits, adds a zesty touch to celebrations, making it an ideal choice for various joyous occasions. Whether it's for a housewarming, celebration, or just a thoughtful gesture, a citrus tree can be a meaningful and multi-faceted gift. Gifting a citrus tree can be a thoughtful gesture for someone starting a new chapter in their life or embarking on a new journey.

We have launched a brand new website!

Exciting news! We have launched our brand new website with brand new products. 

Whilst we look a little different, behind the scenes remains the same: our team, our customer service, free delivery, and our location on Barry's Point Road, Takapuna.

We have merged Flying Flowers to our new website too, so you can shop our beautiful flowers and send to the UK and Australia.

We hope you love our refreshed look and range. Happy Giving!

Intriguing Flower Meanings

A customer rang the other day and asked for some advice on flower meanings. In particular, she was interested in something to suggest 'thank you for having us' and 'we're thinking of you'. A quick google search suggested pansy (thinking of you), fern (sincerity), dark pink roses (thankfulness) and basil (good wishes). Browsing through several different pages filled with flower meanings produced some hilarious and often contradictory definitions of what certain flowers symbolised. Many of these definitions have to be relics from Victorian times, when the language of flowers was taken very literally by both senders and receivers of posies and nose-gays. 

The Case of The Multiplying Bunnies

Our delicious Lindt bunnies are multiplying like, well, bunnies. 
Please forgive us if one happens to stowaway in your gift hamper or bouquet! 

UK Father's Day

It's UK Father's Day this Sunday, June 15. If you have a dad in the UK, don't forget to send him a little love. Browse hampers for the UK here, and flowers for the UK here. Don't forget our free delivery! Orders must be received by Wednesday 11 June.

Amazing Alstroemeria


Alstroemeria . . . what's that?
A question we are asked frequently by customers who call to order flowers.
Alstroemeria is a plant native to south america, and now successfully cultivated world-wide.
Also known as the Peruvian Lily, alstroemeria produces small lily-like blossoms in a huge variety of colours, with the petals usually featuring stripes or spots. Quite possibly one of the most under-rated and under-valued flowers around, alstroemeria is a favourite of florists due to its delicate, pretty blossoms, and its extraordinary longevity!

Facts about Alstoemeria:

  • In the language of flowers, Alstoemeria symbolises prosperity and good fortune
  • Hybrids commonly grown today result from crosses between species from Chile (winter-growing) with species from Brazil (summer-growing). This strategy has resulted in plants that flower year-round.
  • named after the Swedish baron Clas Alströmer (1736 – 1794)
  • blossoms are fragrance-free
  • Alstroemeria stops producing blossoms if it gets too hot (soil temp exceeds 22c)
  • Alstroemeria come in almost all colours, except for blue.

Send a bouquet of gorgeous alstroemeria to someone special (or yourself!) here

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It seem's we've barely had a breather from the double whammy that was Easter and Anzac Day, and already another event is upon us: Mother's Day! This year it falls on Sunday 11 May, and we've prepared a number of exciting new gifts for deserving mums. Check them out here.
If you're keen to design your own gift hamper for mum, you can always create your own hamper.  We have a variety of items that are perfect to send, such as candles, gourmet food products and luxurious pamper products. These items are also ideal to send along with a gorgeous fresh bouquet. 

About Giving

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